Millionaires Are Worried About Leaving “Too Much” Money to Their Kids

Americans have a LOT on their plate right now.  There’s the pandemic, the natural disasters seemingly everywhere, education, jobs, the endless “Jeopardy!” hosting drama.  It’s been rough.

But there’s one issue that gets overlooked:  Rich Kids’ Inheritances.

In a new survey, 67% of millionaires say they’re worried about leaving “too much” money to their kids.  They don’t want them blowing the money, and having the size and profile of the estate negatively affect them.
They also don’t want to make them lazy, and they think that there could be better uses for the money, like charities.

Still, one-third of millionaires plan to leave at least half of their assets to an heir, while two-thirds say they plan on leaving at least part of their estate to charity.

And check this stat:  The wealthiest 1% of Americans receive inheritances worth an average of $719,000, while the bottom 50% get an average of $9,700.


(The Motley Fool)