The Strangest Things Americans Collect

Some people collect classic things like stamps, coins, comic books, and music, but if you’ve watched those TV shows about hoarding and storage units, you know people also have some strange obsessions.

A new survey found 10 of the strangest things that people collect, and they are:

1.  Banana plants

2.  Raccoons and penguin statues

3.  Portraits of Wolverine

4.  Dust . . . (It’s unclear if people meant this metaphorically, literally, or, I guess, inadvertently.)

5.  Gargoyles

6.  Frozen pizza packaging . . . (Are we truly collecting this, or are we just between trash days?)

7.  Swords of any kind

8.  Living Dead Dolls

9.  Old automotive parts

10.  Carnivorous plants