Are Your Airplane Habits Normal, or Are They Weird?

Buzzfeed recently conducted a “quiz” to find out how people feel about common flying habits, and they got well over 100,000 responses.  Here are the highlights:

1.  Which seat is the best?  70% said the window seat, 29% went with the aisle, and 1% picked the middle seat.  (That 1% is more than 3,000 voters.)

2.  Which is easier:  Just a carry-on, or just a checked bag?  63% chose the carry-on, and 37% said they’d rather check it so they don’t have to lug it around.

3.  What is the best airplane snack?  45% said cookies, 41% said pretzels, and 14% said peanuts, although those are rare on planes now, due to allergy policies.

4.  Do you recline in your seat?  45% said NO because it’s rude to the person behind you.  43% said YES, but only if they’re trying to sleep.  12% said YES all the time.

5.  Do you use the on-board bathroom?  68% said YES, 32% said NO.

6.  Which seat do the armrests belong to?  37% said they both belong to the middle seat.  34% said one goes to the middle, and one of the END seats gets two, which is a fight waiting to happen.  26% said “whoever gets there first,” and 3% say they both belong to the end seats, the middle gets nothing.