Wait, Sparkling Water Is Bad for Your Teeth?

Sparkling water is a lot more popular in the U.S. than it used to be.  Partly because Le Croix got huge a while back, and now there are a ton of knock-offs.

But a health and wellness writer for “The New York Times” just did an article on why you shouldn’t ONLY drink carbonated water.  Even the unflavored kind shouldn’t be your main source of hydration.

Here’s why.  Carbonated water IS just as hydrating as flat water.  That’s not the problem.  The main problem is people who only drink fizzy water could mess up their teeth.

Unless you’re using tap water in a Sodastream, carbonated water doesn’t have fluoride in it like tap water does.  So it doesn’t protect your teeth.  But even with a Sodastream, the carbon dioxide in the bubbles lowers the pH in your mouth.  So your saliva is more acidic, and that’s bad for your enamel.

It’s not as bad for your teeth as soda or juice are.  So don’t worry about it TOO much.  It just shouldn’t be the primary way you hydrate.  Flat water is better for that.

Fizzy water can also make you feel more bloated, and make acid reflux worse.  And of course, it’s infinitely more expensive than tap water, which is free.


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