Restaurant Drive-Thrus Are Slower and Less Accurate Than They Used to Be

Fast food places have one main perk:  Providing you with the food you want, FAST.  But what if you don’t get the food you want, and it’s not fast?

A company that uses “mystery shoppers” to grade places on customer experience just released a report on fast food joints.  It shows that fast food drive-thrus have become slower and less accurate over the past year.

The average total time spent in drive-thru lanes increased by more than 25 seconds from a year ago to 382 seconds.  That’s nearly six-and-a-half minutes, and it’s nearly a minute longer than pre-pandemic times.

Order accuracy also dropped to 85% this year from 87% in 2020.

The mystery shoppers went to 10 chains at 1,492 restaurant locations from July through early August for the report.

Chick-fil-A was the best for order accuracy, followed by Taco Bell.  Arby’s, Carl’s Jr., and Burger King tied for third place.

They haven’t released the results for which fast-food chains had the FASTEST drive-thru.  Last year, KFC was #1.  They also didn’t say which places were the slowest or least accurate.