The Average Person Has 1,602 Unread Emails and 47 Unread Texts?

You can get away with not returning emails for a few days.  But we expect people to respond to text messages a little faster.  So is this rude?

A new poll found 43% of Americans currently have unread texts that they’re ignoring.  And most of them AREN’T spam.  The average person has 47 unread texts, and 56% of those are from friends and family.  The other 44% are from brands, companies, or scammers.

Here are a few more stats from the survey:

1.  Unread emails are still far more common than unread texts.  Two-thirds of us currently have unread emails in our inbox, the average is 1,602 of them.

2.  32% of people said they have ZERO unread emails right now.

3.  Texting is still the fastest-growing form of communication.  51% of people say they’re texting more than they were a year ago.

4.  The top people we enjoy getting a text from are our friends and siblings, followed by our parents.

5.  The #1 person we DON’T want to get a text from is our boss.  But the poll also found that texting people at work is much more common than it used to be.