The Best Cities in America for Coffee

There’s some new research that looked into the best cities in America for coffee, and they aren’t the ones with the most stores that carry Maxwell House.

They compared 100 of the largest U.S. cities across 12 metrics, including the number of coffee shops and roasters, the amount of coffee drinkers, the average prices in the area, and local coffee-related events.

In the end, Portland, Oregon came in first, followed by San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, Tampa, Miami, San Diego, and Boston.

Of the 100 cities they looked at, Santa Ana, in Orange County, California is last.  The rest of the bottom five is:  Raleigh, North Carolina, St. Petersburg, Florida, Anchorage, Alaska, and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

If you’re looking to get into the coffee business, Santa Ana might be a potential opportunity.  Despite coming in last, it does have the highest percentage of adult coffee drinkers of all the cities they considered.


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