Dave Bautista Adopted a Rescue Pup and Offered a Cash Reward for Information on the Abusive Former Owners

Dave Bautista is a great guy both on and off the screen.  He just adopted a 3-month-old pit bull puppy from a humane society in Tampa Bay.  The puppy was found eating trash with a metal chain embedded in her neck.

Last week, Dave offered to personally deliver $5,000 to anyone who stepped forward with information regarding the pup’s abusive owners.  The reward has since increased to $11,500, but no one has come forward yet.

He said, “To me, there’s nothing more innocent and pure than a puppy.  For someone who can abuse a puppy has got to be the lowest form of human being, pure evil.  It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Dave posted a video introducing his new family member, whom he named Penny.  She joins two other rescue pit bulls in the home.

He said, “[She’s] healing up, nice, and recovered.  She will never be abused again a day in her life.”