If You Could Only Keep One Streaming Service, Which One Would It Be?

If you could only keep one streaming service like Netflix or Apple TV, what’s the ONE service you’d keep?

Someone polled 4,000 Americans, and the most essential streaming service is Netflix.  It got almost twice as many votes as any other streaming platform.  Here’s how people voted.

1.  Netflix.  41% said it’s the last one they’d cancel.

2.  Hulu, 21%.

3.  HBO Max, 13%.  But it had the highest satisfaction rating.  51% of people with HBO Max said they’re “very satisfied” with it.  46% said the same about Netflix.

4.  Disney-Plus, 9%.

5.  Prime Video, 6%.

6.  Paramount-Plus, 2%.

7.  Discovery-Plus, 1%.

8.  Peacock, 1%.

9.  Apple TV, 1%.

10.  6% said “other” or “none of the above.”


(Business Insider)