Here’s Who’s Leaving, and Joining “Saturday Night Live”

Remember all that speculation about Kate McKinnonCecily StrongAidy Bryant, and Pete Davidson possibly leaving “Saturday Night Live”?  Well, it was all for NOTHING.  Because they’re all coming back this season.

Only two people are leaving.  Granted, one of them is Beck Bennett, who’s kind of a big deal.  The other is “featured player” Lauren Holt.

Two featured players from last season, Bowen Yang and Chloe Fineman, have been promoted to full-on cast members.

And three new featured players have been added.  There’s Sarah Sherman, who also goes by Sarah Squirm, and has some truly bizarre videos on YouTube.

Then there’s James Austin Johnson, who does the best Trump impression you’ve ever seen.

And Aristotle Athari, whom you might remember from a stint on “Silicon Valley”.  (Warning:  This clip contains profanity.)

“SNL” returns this Saturday with Owen Wilson and Kacey Musgraves.