Even in a Pandemic, 79% of People Have Done a Favor for a Neighbor in the Past Year

Yesterday was National Neighbor Day, and there was a report that said only 51% of people trust their neighbors.  That’s a bummer, but today there’s more uplifting news.

In a new survey, 1,000 people were asked if they’ve done a favor for a neighbor over the past year, and 79% said they have.  Which is pretty good, considering we’ve been navigating a pandemic.

In fact, 7% of people say they do MORE favors for their neighbors due to the pandemic, and 41% say the pandemic hasn’t changed anything.

Only 4% of people say their neighbors are never helpful when needed.  66% have at least TWO neighbors they can rely on to water their plants or pick up their mail if they go out of town.

On top of that, 29% of people hang out with their neighbors weekly, and 5% say they’re more likely to get to know their neighbors now, due to the pandemic.