“Handmaid’s Tale” Outfits Are Banned by the Women’s March Organizers

Going to participate in the Women’s March in Washington D.C. on Saturday?  Well, you might want to leave your “Handmaid’s Tale” costume at home, because it’s banned.  Organizers for the Women’s Marches have updated their website to include these outfits on their “What Should I Not Bring” list.

They said, “The use of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ imagery to characterize the controlling of women’s reproduction has proliferated, primarily by white women across the country, since the show has gained popularity.   This message continues to create more fragmentation, often around race and class, it erases the fact that Black women, undocumented women, incarcerated women, poor women, and disabled women have always had their reproduction freedom controlled.”

Now on the other hand, there’s the Handmaids Army DC group, who DO wear these costumes to their protests because they have different agendas and methods.  They said they will not be joining the Women’s March event in costume.


(The Wrap)