Nick Cannon Pranked Kevin Hart by Wrapping His Face on Kevin’s Private Jet

The prank war between Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart continues.

First, Nick sent Kevin a LLAMA for his birthday.  So Kevin retaliated by putting Nick’s actual phone number on billboards that said, “For any advice on fatherhood?  Call my best friend Nick Cannon.”

Nick seriously upped the ante, though, by finding Kevin’s private Lear jet and putting a giant image of his FACE on it.  It also just happened to be an ad for Nick’s new talk show “Nick Cannon”, and it included the phrase “Kevin Rides the Cannon.”

Kevin actually appeared as the first guest on Nick’s show, where he admitted defeat.  For now.  He said,  “It feels like I’ve lost.  That’s how it feels, Nick.  It feels like you had one in the hole and you saved it.  This is genius.”

But he also warned Nick, “Oh, you got quite the doozy coming, buddy.”  (Here’s video.)


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(New York Post)