Britney’s Dad Has Been Suspended as Her Conservator

Britney Spears won a huge victory in court yesterday, when a judge granted her petition to suspend Jamie Spears from his role as her conservator.  Effective IMMEDIATELY.

Pops had been handling Britney’s affairs since 2008.

This chaos isn’t quite over, and it isn’t entirely amicable, either.  Jamie’s attorney lobbied for the conservatorship to be ended entirely, and Britney’s lawyer accused him of wanting to, “suppress evidence of his corruption.”

There will be a hearing on terminating the conservatorship entirely on November 12th.

Britney has yet to comment on the ruling.  Maybe because she was busy FLYING A PLANE.

But her boyfriend Sam Asghari posted a picture of a female lion and said, “The power of the lioness!!!!!”


(Hollywood Reporter)