How Long Will You Work on a DIY Project Before Giving Up and Calling a Professional?

Do-It-Yourself projects can be incredibly rewarding, and incredibly annoying.  How long will you work at a DIY project before giving up and calling in a pro?

In a new survey, the average person said it took them five hours of trial and error before quitting their project and calling a pro.

And when it is time to look for a professional contractor to get a job done, people spend an average of nine hours researching them before hiring them.

As for the successful DIY projects, the survey asked people what they’re MOST proud of doing themselves:  The #1 answer was “repainting rooms,” which makes sense, because it’s approachable and can make a big impact.

New landscaping was second, followed by kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodels, replacing light fixtures, new windows, living room updates, exterior improvements, and a family room addition.  (Yeah.  If I put in a family room addition and my home was still standing, I’d be proud of that.)