Mayim Bialik and Neil Patrick Harris Had a Huge Falling Out Over Musical Theater

Mayim Bialik HATES musicals.  And that hatred actually destroyed her friendship with Neil Patrick Harris.  It happened back in 1997, when Mayim went with her boyfriend to see Neil in “Rent”.

When it was over, the audience gave the show a standing ovation, but Mayim wasn’t that impressed.  In fact, she turned to her boyfriend and said, “I don’t want to stand for this.”  Then she looked up and noticed that Neil was looking right at her.

She went backstage to see him after the show and he said to her, “Why did you say you weren’t going to stand up?”  He had actually READ HER LIPS.  She says,  “I did not have a good answer.  It was terrible.  It was bad.”

They didn’t speak for a long time after that, but Neil apparently forgave her.  He even sent her flowers once when he heard she was still carrying her guilt over it.

(Mayim told the story on the “Late Late Show” with James Corden.  Check out the video here.)