The Halloween Candy Each State Is Oddly Obsessed With

Someone used Google Trends to find which Halloween candy each state is oddly obsessed with.  Here are the results:

1.  Kit Kats and Twix both have five states that are obsessed with them:  Kit Kats in Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, and New Mexico.  Twix in Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Utah, and Wisconsin.

2.  Four different candies got three states each:
Skittles in Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia
Jolly Ranchers in California, Florida, and Texas
100 Grand Bars in Kentucky, Missouri, and Oregon
Dum Dums in Idaho, Maine, and Mississippi.

3.  Others with multiple states:
Nerds in Nevada and Washington
Milky Ways in Alaska and New Hampshire
Peanut M&M’s in Indiana and Kansas
Reese’s Pieces in New York and Virginia
Sour Patch Kids in New Jersey and South Carolina
Tootsie Pops in Iowa and Nebraska.

4.  The rest have ONE state:
Candy corn in West Virginia
Ohio loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Pennsylvania, Good & Plenty
Vermont, 3 Musketeers
Hawaii, Crunch bars
Louisiana, Starburst
North Dakota, Whoppers
South Dakota, Snickers
Montana, Baby Ruth
Illinois, AirHeads
Tennessee, Runts
Wyoming, Swedish Fish
Rhode Island, Heath bars
Colorado loves black liquorice
Delaware’s into Smarties
And someone in Oklahoma is actually eating those big orange Circus Peanuts.

(Here’s a map.)

Also, is it still too early to put up Halloween Decorations?  Tomorrow is the first day of October, and people are champing at the bit to put up their Halloween decorations.  So is it still too early?

In a new poll, 43% of people said the appropriate time is the first half of October.  Another 21% said they’d wait until the second half, after the 15th.  And 3% said they don’t think it’s necessary until the day of Halloween.

On the flip-side, 13% say it’s cool to put them up in September, and 3% are even willing to put them up before Labor Day.  For what it’s worth, younger people are more likely to put up their decorations in September than older folks.