The Top-Selling Halloween Candies in Every State Over the Past 14 Years

Thanks to Halloween, October is a huge candy month.  Yesterday, there was a report on the candies each state is “obsessed with” based on Google searches.  Now there’s actual sales data. reviewed candy purchases from the past 14 years, and put together a ranking of the top three candies in every state.  Of course, people buy candy for a lot of reasons throughout the year, so they focused on the months leading up to Halloween.

Here’s the Top 10 overall, along with the states where it was the top seller:

1.  Reese’s Cups . . . #1 in:  California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Wyoming.

2.  Skittles . . . #1 in:  Delaware, Oklahoma, and Vermont.

3.  M&M’s . . . #1 in:  Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, and D.C.

4.  Starburst . . . #1 in:  Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, South Dakota, and Texas.

5.  Hot Tamales . . . #1 in:  Arizona, North Dakota, and Virginia.

6.  Sour Patch Kids . . . #1 in:  Alaska, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and New York.

7.  Hershey Kisses . . . #1 in:  Colorado, Maryland, and Nevada.

8.  Snickers . . . Despite the ranking, Snickers wasn’t the top-seller in any state.

9.  Tootsie Pops . . . #1 in:  Minnesota, Tennessee, Utah, Washington

10.  Candy Corn . . . #1 in:  Our hearts.  (???)  Kidding.  It wasn’t #1 in any state.

Outside the Top 10:  Hershey’s Mini Bars are #1 in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Jolly Ranchers are popular in Arkansas and New Mexico.  Butterfinger is tops in South Carolina and Wisconsin.

Connecticut buys Almond Joy, Mississippi buys 3 Musketeers, Missouri purchases Milky Way, Rhode Island loads up on Twix, and Louisiana is still into Lemonheads, while Georgia is all about Swedish Fish.

It’s unclear if typical gum was included as a candy, but Montana’s #1 is Dubble Bubble Gum, and in Ohio, people dig Blow Pops.


(Hit up to see a map with the Top Three in each state.)