A Japanese Company Has Created a Tiny Sock, for Just Your Big Toe

There’s been some new innovation in the realm of the world’s smallest problems.  A Japanese company called Tabio has designed a tiny sock that’s just for your BIG TOE.  It’s a small, thimble-like cloth sock called the “Oyayubi Sack.”  So why would you wear a tiny sock on your big toes?

The company points out that your big toes have a harder nail than the others, and it occasionally gets caught on the fabric of socks and pantyhose.  Sometimes it’s just a two-second inconvenience, and other times it snags the material.

So, you put on the Oyayubi Sack, THEN put on your socks or pantyhose.  Supposedly, it stays on well, it’s comfortable, and it’s even made of a special material that has “antibacterial and deodorizing properties.”

One negative:  They’re only available in BLACK right now, so if you’re wearing anything light-colored, your toe will show through.

For now, it looks like they’re only available from the sock store Tabio, and they’re back-ordered on the website.  They cost roughly $2.00 per pair.