A Man Tried to Sue His Wife After Tripping Over Her Shoes and Tumbling Down the Stairs

Back in 2018, a Cleveland man named John Walford was at the home of his then-fiancée, Judy, and she asked him to carry a box of vinegar jugs from her car to her basement.

He carried the box through the back door, tripped over Judy’s shoes, and then tumbled down the steps.  He had several broken bones, racked up over $80,000 in medical bills, and lost more than $18,000 in income because he couldn’t work for several months.

John tried to SUE Judy, claiming she created dangerous conditions in her home and failed in her duty as a host to protect a “social guest” from those conditions.

But this past Thursday, it was thrown out.  A court ruled that Judy’s shoes were “open and obvious,” and a person taking precautions would’ve seen them.

The most fascinating part is the timeline:  The accident happened in February of 2018, and a year later, in May of 2019, John and Judy got MARRIED.

John sued in October of 2019, and now, he’s found out that he’s not able to sue his now-wife.  And yes, they’re still married.