The Average Couple Spends Just Four Hours a Day in the Same Room

If I asked you how many hours you spend in the same room with your significant other, chances are the number would start out high, then slowly go down the more you thought about it.

A recent survey in the U.K. found that the average couple spends just four hours a day in the same room as each other.  We’re assuming that does NOT include sleeping, although 17% said that they don’t sleep in the same bedroom, often because of snoring.

On a typical weekday, couples spend seven-and-a-half hours in the house at the same time, but only 57% of that is in the same room.  And on weekends, couples spend nine hours under the same roof, but only 60% actually together.

Some of the main reasons couples aren’t in the same room include:  Conflicting work hours, different interests, and alternative bed times.

Also, around 20% said they “mutually agree” with their partner to spend time in different rooms, but 10% poetically admitted they are like “passing ships in the night.”  (???)