A 40-Year-Old Motorcycle with Zero Miles Is Available, Because a Dad Confiscated It in 1981

You know how people have vintage toys on eBay that are still in their original packaging?  This is kind of like that.

There’s a BRAND NEW 1981 Honda CB100N motorbike going up for auction later this month, and it’s not just in mint condition, it doesn’t even have ONE MILE on it.  It has precisely 0.4 miles.

How is this possible?  A teenager bought it new 40 years ago, but when he brought it home, his father was NOT cool with it.  He immediately confiscated it, and locked it away in storage.  And it’s been hidden away in a shed all these years.

The father recently passed, and the son, who’s now in his 50s, no longer wants it.  So, it’ll be auctioned off at the Haynes International Motor Museum in the U.K. on October 14th.  For what it’s worth, the presale estimate is roughly $2,750.

But it’ll probably go for a LOT more.  An expert points out that these bikes were usually used for commuting, so those on the market from the ’80s not only have a ton of miles, but they’re also in rough condition.  And it’s incredibly rare to find ANY vehicle that’s been virtually unused.


(Daily Mail)