The Best Cities in America for Foodies

The food scene in America hasn’t bounced back to pre-pandemic times, but most people have moved on after a year of eating a lot of canned soup and frozen dinners. conducted a study to find the best cities in America for FOODIES.  They compared more than 180 cities across 29 factors.

They did consider fancy restaurants, but a lot more that went into it, like the cost of groceries, and the diversity of options, including craft breweries, coffee shops, stores that sell herbs and spices, farmers markets, and food trucks.

In the end, Portland, Oregon scored the best, followed by Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Sacramento, California, Denver, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Tampa.

If you’re wondering, L.A. just missed the Top 10 at #11, Chicago is #18, and New York is #23, just below Pittsburgh, and Reno was ranked #73.  Of the 182 cities they looked at, Pearl City, Hawaii is last.


( has the full list, with the scores for each city.)