Halloween Movies for People Who Don’t Like Horror

Not all Halloween-themed movies have to be terrifying.  If you want to celebrate Halloween without giving yourself a heart attack, there are plenty of spooky movies that are light on the actual horror.  Here’s a list:

1.  “Halloweentown”,  1998.  (It’s a Disney Channel Original Movie with Debbie Reynolds.)

2.  “What We Do in the Shadows”,  2014.

3.  “Young Frankenstein”,  1974.

4.  “The Phantom of the Opera”,  2004.

5.  “Practical Magic”,  1998.

6.  “Death Becomes Her”,  1992.

7.  “Little Shop of Horrors”,  1986.

8.  “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”,  2017.

9.  “Scooby-Doo”,  2002.  (Matthew Lillard was basically born to play Shaggy.)

10.  “Van Helsing”,  2004.

11.  “The Witches of Eastwick”,  1987.

12.  “Corpse Bride”,  2005.

13.  “Beautiful Creatures”,  2012.

14.  “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”,  1975.

15.  “Witches”,  1990.

(Not sure how “Hocus Pocus” or “Hotel Transylvania” were left off this list.)