How Long Do You Have to Have Lived in a State for You to Say You’re From That State?

If you ask someone where they’re from, are you wondering where they were born, where they grew up, or where they live now?

In a new poll, 30% of people say they’re from a state only if they were born there.  20% say they’re from a state if they’ve lived there one to 10 years, and another 18% only say it if they’ve been in a state for more than 10 years.

6% of people say it takes LESS than a year for them to say they’re from a state, and 11% say they immediately cut ties with any old states and consider themselves from their new state the moment they move.

It’s kind of surprising that “where you grew up” wasn’t an option, since some people are born in one state, but spend most of their childhood in another place.