Two Drunk People Broke into a Water Park, Went Down a Closed-Off Slide, and Shattered Their Ankles

A 46-year-old woman in the U.K. named Claire Vickers recently broke into a water park with her friend, 44-year-old Barry Douglas.  It was around two in the morning, and they were both drunk.  They got in by crawling under a fence.

Once they were in, they made their way to a set of waterslides, but the water wasn’t on.  So they splashed some down one of the slides to make it slick.  It was a big yellow slide that’s a straight shot, the kind you can go really fast on.

But unfortunately, it was dark, and they were too drunk to realize that the end of the slide was blocked off.  They both went down it and hit a barrier at the bottom that shattered their ankles.  Claire broke one, and Barry broke both of his.

Neither of them could walk, and no one was around.  So they had to bang on the slide for TWO HOURS until someone heard them.  Then it took another hour to get help.

This all happened in August, but we’re just hearing about it now.  Claire spent two-and-a-half weeks in the hospital, and they’re both still in wheelchairs recovering.  The good news is the waterpark decided not to press charges.

But if you feel bad for them, you won’t after this:  They want to SUE the park for not having a security guard, or better fencing to prevent them from breaking in.

(Here a photo of them and the yellow slide they went down.)


(Express / HampshireLive)