Your Favorite Season Is Tied to How Much Time You Can Spend Outside

A new survey made an interesting observation about how we determine our favorite seasons.  It may seem obvious, but it does make sense.

73% of people say that their “seasonal preference” is directly tied to how much time they can spend outside in that season.  So, your favorite season might be fall if your schedule, hobbies, and lifestyle lead to you spending a lot of time outdoors in October and November.

On the flip-side, 16% of people say that spring is their least favorite season, and of those people, 64% said they suffer from allergies in the spring.

And winter was an unpopular season, maybe because it’s harder for some people to spend a lot of time outdoors.

40% of people picked winter as their least favorite season.  Summer was the second-least favorite with 25% of the vote, followed by spring at 16%, and fall at just 5%.