Molly Ringwald Is Not Looking Forward to Watching Her ’80s Films with Her “Woke” Daughter

Molly Ringwald is mainly recognized for her roles in John Hughes’ films from the ’80s.  But she struggles with showing those to her kids.   Especially her 12-year-old daughter, whom she describes as the, “most woke individual you’ve ever met.”

On Andy Cohen’s Sirius show, Molly said, “I just don’t know how I’m gonna go through that, watching it with her and [her] saying, ‘How could you do that?  How could you be a part of something?’  You know?”

She says that even though there are elements that she finds homophobic, the movies are also about people who feel like outsiders and are complicated.

Molly said, “I feel like that’s what makes the movies really wonderful.  The elements that I find troubling and that I want to change for the future, doesn’t mean I want them to be erased.   I’m proud of those movies, and I have a lot of affection for them.  They’re so much a part of me.”

(You can watch a clip of her interview here.)