The Next Fashion Trend Is Clothes That Don’t Exist?

If you’ve tried wrapping your head around NFTs, this might not come as a shock.  An “emerging” fashion trend is:  Clothes,that don’t exist.  And no, we’re not talking about a rise in nudism.

There are now digital fashion stores that sell digital outfits that the stores simply photoshop onto a customer’s photos or videos to be posted onto social media.

And there’s growth potential beyond that.  They could become a way for you to dress your avatar when interacting in online games and meeting places, which is expected to become common as more of our engagement happens virtually.

For kids, gamers, and social media users, the appeal is evident.

For others, this may sound absurd, but after the quarantines and social distancing of the past 18 months, it’s easier to see how a cool digital shirt would be more visible than, say, a new outfit you bought in February of 2020.

So, how much does a digital outfit cost?  The prices at one store range from $25 hats to hundreds of dollars for a dress.  So basically the same as REAL clothes.