Google Has a Tool to Help You Pick the Perfect Halloween Costume

Have you settled on a Halloween costume yet?  If not, Google has a tool that’s supposed to help you find the PERFECT one.

It’s called “Costume Wizard.”  It debuted in 2019, but not a lot of people know about it.  It’s got four different options that let you dial in the type of costume you want to wear.

First, you choose your desired “Spookiness Level” on a scale from zero to 100.  Then you choose between “classic” or “modern” costumes.

There’s also button that lets you base everything on the top-trending costumes in your area, or the entire U.S.  And at the bottom, there’s another scale from zero to 100 that lets you choose your desired “Uniqueness.”

If you mess with the settings, you’ll get all kinds of ideas.  For example, we asked for a “classic” costume, with the Spookiness and Uniqueness set to zero, and it said that an “Angel” is the perfect costume.

Then we asked for a “modern” costume, and set Spookiness and Uniqueness to 100, and it said to dress as a character from the movie “Saw”.

You can check it out at  Just look for “Costume Wizard” in the top left corner.


(Google Frightgeist)