Jack McBrayer Is Hosting a New Kids Show for Apple TV+

Jack McBrayer is coming out with a kids show called “Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show” for Apple TV+ on November 5th.  He is the co-creator and host.  The show will teach kids how to use empathy, humor, playfulness and imagination to create kindness.

Jack will be inspiring kids to solve problems with, “heart.”  Like helping with pet adoptions, making relatives laugh, and distributing paper hearts to brighten someone’s day.

The show will preach the “3 Cs”, “caring,” “connecting,” and “cascading”, with the message being that one act of kindness can grow and grow from one person to another.

“Hello, Jack!” will include original songs from OK GO and guest appearances from Paul Scheer  from “The League” and Sam Richardson from “Veep”.

(Watch the trailer here.)



(The WrapAV Club)