Science May Have Figured Out Why Women Always Feel Colder Than Men

Men and women fighting over the thermostat is an age-old problem.  But the core issue might be older than we realized.  Like, millions of years old.  A team of scientists in Israel think they’ve finally figured out why women always feel colder than men.  There might be an evolutionary reason behind it.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University say it’s not just an issue for humans.  A lot of animals like birds and bats deal with it too.

For example, female birds tend to migrate to warmer climates, while male birds head for cooler ones when they’re not mating.  And with mammals, it’s common to see males hanging out in the shade while females sit in the sun.

The question is WHY, and now they think they have an answer:  We may have evolved to feel temperature differently as a way of encouraging us to spend more time APART.

When male and female birds migrate to different areas, it cuts down on competition for food.  That way, the guys don’t eat all the food their kids need to survive.  And males can also be overly aggressive and dangerous to offspring, so that’s another reason.

Obviously we’re not birds, and deadbeat dads are a BAD thing now.  But humans and apes may have evolved to feel temperature differently too.  Because before we got all civilized, it WASN’T necessarily good for males to be around all the time.