The Top-Trending Halloween Costume for Babies Is “Squid Game”???

“Squid Game” is definitely not a show for children.  But apparently, it’s okay for BABIES.  (???)

According to Google, “Squid Game” is the #1 trending Halloween costume for babies.  It’s followed by Little Red Riding Hood, a SpiderPeter Pan, and the Addams Family.

“Squid Game” is also the #1 trending costume for adults, followed by a GorillaBritney Spears, Carnage, and Venom.

The top trending costumes for couples are Timmy and Trixie from “The Fairly Odd Parents”, Bonnie & Clyde, Skid and Pump, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Cosmo and Wanda from “The Fairly Odd Parents”.

Finally, the top MOVIES people are Googling right now are the original “Halloween” from 1978, “Friday the 13th”, “Hocus Pocus”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, and “Halloweentown”.