A Woman Freaked Out Because a Grocery Store’s Mood Music Was Too Sad

It’s almost refreshing to hear about a grocery store dust-up that DIDN’T involve masks, or people coughing on produce.

Employees at a grocery store near Detroit called the cops late last month after a 45-year-old woman FREAKED OUT, because she didn’t like the mood music that was playing over the store’s speakers.

She complained that a song that came on was making her SAD, and demanded they skip to another song.  It’s not clear what the song was.  (The only way this was justified is if they were playing that Sarah McLachlan animal cruelty song.)

The employees told her they couldn’t skip the song, or didn’t know how.  So she started screaming at them, and they eventually called the cops.

She was gone by the time police got there.  But for some reason, SHE also called the cops and told them where she was.  They found her sitting in her car about two miles away, still angry.  She accused one officer of lying, and tried to drive off.  But two cops used their cars to block her in.

They arrested her for hindering and obstructing a police officer, and then let her go once she was processed.  But she immediately walked back into the police department and started yelling at the receptionist.  So they arrested her AGAIN for disorderly conduct.


(Fox2 / Macomb Daily)