George Clooney Is Staying Out of Politics Because He Wants to Have a “Nice Life”

You won’t be catching George Clooney running for any political office.  In an appearance on BBC’s “The Andrew Marr Show”, George said he would not be getting involved in politics because, “I would actually like to have a nice life.”

In fact, he actually wants to take on fewer projects.  He turned 60 this year, so he wants to focus on doing things he loves while he is healthy, like play basketball and spend time with his wife.

George also commented on the state of the country.  “There’s a lot of things that have to be repaired, there’s a lot of healing that has to happen, and it’s going to take time.”

Not surprisingly, he thinks Donald Trump did a lot of the damage.  He called Trump a “knucklehead”  and said, “I knew him before he was a president.  He was just a guy who was chasing girls.”

(You can watch his interview here.)



(Hollywood Reporter)