The Top 10 Hard Rock Breakup Songs

Not all breakup songs have to be pop ballads.  Loudwire made a list of the Top 10 hard rock breakup songs.  In no particular order, they are:

1.  “Love Bites”,  Def Leppard.

2.  “Gonna Leave You”,  Queens of the Stone Age.

3.  “Monkey Wrench”,  Foo Fighters.  (Warning: It contains the word “sh*t”.)

4.  “Your Time Is Gonna Come”,  Led Zeppelin.

5.  “You Give Love a Bad Name”,  Bon Jovi.

6.  “I Don’t Love You”,  My Chemical Romance.

7.  “I Miss the Misery”,  Halestorm.  (Warning: It contains questionable content.)

8.  “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”,  Motley Crue.

9.  “The End of Heartache”,  Killswitch Engage.

10.  “Snuff”,  Slipknot.