Five Random Facts for Thursday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  Scientists estimate that only 5% to 10% of cancer is caused by genes.  Cancer mostly comes from a combination of our environment, lifestyle, chance, and getting older.  But a bad family history of cancer IS a risk factor worth discussing with your doctor.

2.  In the U.S., you’re twice as likely to die from your pajamas catching on fire than from Ebola during your lifetime.

3.  In 1989, Blockbuster was growing so fast that a new store was opening every 17 hours.  At its peak in 2004, there were 9,094 stores, and it employed around 84,300 people.  Today, there is only ONE left, and it’s in Bend, Oregon.

4.  Phyllis Smith, who played the older, motherly woman on “The Office”, was once an NFL cheerleader.  She cheered for the Cardinals back when they were in St. Louis in the 1970s.

5.  16 people have won an EGOT, which is Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.  They include Audrey HepburnMel BrooksWhoopi Goldberg, and John Legend.


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