Five Random Facts for Friday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  There’s a “McBoat” McDonald’s location in Germany, which has a float-thru instead of a drive-thru.  You paddle up to a dock, place your order, and it’s brought out to you by the staff.  (Here’s a video of this happening.)



2.  Barry White was a gang member as a teenager, but after he went to jail and heard an Elvis song on the radio, he decided to try to get into music.

3.  Coca-Cola wanted to raise their prices from 5 cents a bottle in 1953, so they asked the Treasury Department to start making a 7.5-cent coin. They declined, and Coke eventually raised the price to 10 cents.

4.  There’s a spot in the Pacific Ocean called Point Nemo that’s 1,670 miles from any land, which means it’s SO remote that the nearest humans are usually in space.

5.  The “birthday-number effect” is a psychological phenomenon where people prefer the numbers in their birthday over other numbers.


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