DirecTV Released a List of the Most Recognizable TV Theme Songs

DirecTV surveyed 2,200 people to find out which TV show has the most recognizable theme song.  They created a list of 15 shows and played a 10 second clip to see if people could identify them.

“Jeopardy!” was #1, recognized by 76%.  It was closely followed by “Seinfeld”“Friends”, and “The Simpsons” with 71%.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Law & Order” tied for about 70%.  Then “Game of Thrones” had 58%, which is surprising considering how popular it was.

“New Girl”“Family Matters”“Rugrats”, and “Gilmore Girls” all scored a little above 50%.

“Stranger Things” scored exactly 50%, with “Survivor” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” following a bit behind.

The least recognizable in the survey was “Bones” with only 22% of people getting it right.

(Hit up this link, then click on the headline, “Survey Reveals Most Recognizable TV Theme Songs in America” to see the results.)