Christopher Walken Tried Out for Han Solo, and David Duchovny Auditioned for “Full House”

It’s always fun to wonder how certain movies would have turned out if the casting had been different.

For instance, Christopher Walken auditioned to play Han Solo in “Star Wars”, which could have made the role iconic in a whole different way.  But he says, “I don’t think I came remotely close to getting the job.”

Walken also tried out for the Ryan O’Neal part in “Love Story”.  But he says it’s a good thing he didn’t get either film because, “I’d have been awful in them.”

You wanna hear something REALLY weird?  Before he got “X-Files”David Duchovny tried out for all three male leads on “Full House”.

He says, “It was my first time out in L.A., and they brought me out for different shows.  I ended up with the ‘Full House’ stuff, and they just kept on trying to plug me into different characters.  And clearly, I was wrong for every single one.”