The Average Person Uses Five “Cleaning Shortcuts”, Like Covering Up Smells with a Candle

Remember when you were a kid, and your trick for cleaning your room fast was just shoving everything under your bed?  Apparently, that carries over into adulthood.  The average American admits to using FIVE different “cleaning shortcuts.”

The most common one is air freshener.  40% of people say they’ll just spray it, rather than cleaning the root cause of the smell.  37% will light a candle to mask all the bad odors.

Other “shortcuts” include:  Making the bed but leaving the room a mess, and packing clutter into a closet or cupboard.

Not surprisingly, young adults use the most shortcuts.  72% of all people say their cleaning routine has improved as they’ve gotten older.  And 60% have adopted new cleaning habits since the start of the pandemic.


(Study Finds)