10 Pre-Pandemic Irritations That Are Back as Things Return to Normal

Now that some things have returned to normal, or at least a new normal, we can go back to complaining about the stuff we used to complain about before we complained about the pandemic.

A new survey asked people what everyday irritations they are NOT happy to have come back, and the most popular response was “sitting in traffic.”  Now that we are all back on the roads, traffic is a thing again.

Not everything on the list is an old annoyance.  For example, the second-most popular answer is “taking COVID-19 tests.”

Other popular responses include:  Filling up the car with gas more often, commuting, having LESS spare time to do household chores, finding a parking space, having to clean the house for visitors, having to attend social events, going to meetings in person, and having to visit extended family members like the in-laws.