A Guy Got Pulled Over, Then Fled on Foot, with a Chocolate Cream Pie

You can really work up an appetite running from the cops, and that’s why this guy was so brilliant.  A man named Noel Cole was pulled over by the cops in Missouri on Saturday.  He was wanted on a felony warrant, so he knew he was in trouble.

The deputy started asking questions, and Noel decided to make a break for it, ON FOOT.  The deputy took off after him, and he WAS able to catch up, partially because Noel was carrying something in his hands.

It was:  A Marie Callender’s chocolate cream pie.  (???)

The local sheriff says the pie “appeared to be extremely important to Mr. Cole,” so it’s been placed with his personal belongings and will be kept as safe as possible for him until his release.  It’s unclear what the warrant was all about.



(KY3 / Facebook)