Kate Beckinsale Was Hospitalized for Throwing Her Back Out by Putting on Leggings

Kate Beckinsale has revealed the cause of the back injury that sent her to the hospital last month and it’s lame.  She threw her back out trying to put on leggings.

On “The Late Late Show” on Monday night, Kate said, “It felt like a sort of guitar string snapped and everything was horrible.  I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t lie down, I couldn’t sit down.  I couldn’t do anything.”

Since Kate couldn’t take herself to the ER, an ambulance had to be called.   “They sort of rolled out a sheet and picked me up in it like a sort of sausage, and put me on a gurney.”

She said she was given a lot of drugs that taught her what type of drunk she’d be, since she doesn’t drink.  “I’m not a ‘Do you know who I am?  Have you seen all my films?’ type, which is a huge relief, but I am a ‘Everybody’s trying to steal my [effing] ovaries.'”



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