McCain Says She Decided to Leave “The View” After a Nasty Comment from Joy Behar

Meghan McCain has a new book out this week called “Bad Republican”, where she explains exactly why she left “The View”.  I mean, it wasn’t just one thing, but the last straw was, not surprisingly, Joy Behar.

As the show’s only Republican, Meghan constantly felt ganged up on and mistreated.  Even by Whoopi Goldberg, who was actually an ally to her for the first few years.

Meghan describes the atmosphere in general as toxic and hostile.  But she was able to deal with all of it, until she returned from having her baby, and was battling severe postpartum anxiety.

On her second day back, she had an argument with Joy, and she said, “Joy, you missed me so much when I was on maternity leave!  You missed fighting with me!”

And Joy replied, “I did not.  I did not miss you.  Zero.”  And she MEANT it.  That hit Meghan pretty hard, and finally flipped the switch.

She says, “I didn’t have the emotional bandwidth anymore to try with any of them anymore.  I thought I was part of a show where women can have the kinds of conversations that society doesn’t generally make space for women to have.  But, for me, ‘The View’ didn’t feel like a pro-women show.  I didn’t want to be a part of that, for myself, for my daughter and for women everywhere.”

She adds, “There are some things about the show that feel stuck in 1997 when ‘The View’ first went on air.  In this era of dismantling toxic work environments and refusing to accept the poor treatment of employees, how is ‘The View’ still immune?



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