You’ll Never Guess Who Plays Thanos’ Brother in “The Eternals”

Thanos is one of the biggest, baddest villains in the Marvel Universe, and Josh Brolin had the perfect amount of menace to pull him off.

So what bad-ass did they get to portray Thanos’ brother in “The Eternals”?  Harry Freakin’ Styles.  (???)

To be fair, Thanos’ brother is really nothing like him.  His name is Eros, and he’s described in his Wikipedia entry as, “a fun-loving, carefree womanizer and adventurer.”

His powers include being able to stimulate people’s pleaseur centers.  He’s also known as Starfox.

And he’s a GOOD GUY.  Oh, and have you ever heard of She-Hulk?  Yeah, he hit that in the comics.  In fact, he went on trial for sexual assault, for allegedly using his powers to manipulate her into sleeping with him.  But he DIDN’T, so he was cleared.

He’s only briefly in “The Eternals”, in a post-credits scene.  Marvel was trying to keep it a secret.  But “Variety” leaked his appearance, and now it’s all over the Internet.


(AV Club)