A Man Used Finger Guns to Steal Napkins from a Waffle House

If you’re robbing a Waffle House, you’re probably after one of two things:  The cash register, or beige food.  But that wasn’t the case with this guy.

A 28-year-old man named Eward Rodriguez walked into a Waffle House in Florida on Monday evening, with his dog, and announced that he was there to rob the place.  He shouted, “Get on the ground, y’all are getting robbed.”

He didn’t appear to have a weapon, but he did raise his hands with his fingers out in the shape of a gun.  He also admitted that he was “high and drunk.”

The “robbery” wasn’t what witnesses were expecting.  Eward just grabbed some napkins, walked out, got into his vehicle, and drove off.

Someone called 911, and the authorities identified Eward.  They found him, and he admitted that he’d been at the Waffle House “to get some napkins.”

He also said he was going to rob the place, but it’s unclear why he didn’t follow through, or maybe he DID mean to rob them of napkins.  Either way, Eward was charged with unarmed robbery and assault.


(Madison County Sheriff)