Ruby Rose Unloads on Warner Brothers Over Being Fired from “Batwoman”

Ruby Rose went off yesterday on Warner Brothers, the CW, and the producers of “Batwoman”, calling the set a toxic environment and revealing that she didn’t quit the show, she was FIRED.

Among many other complaints, Ruby says she was forced to return just 10 days after having surgery for an injury she suffered on the set.

She also claims working conditions were unsafe, and says her co-star Dougray Scott was abusive to women, and even injured a stuntwoman one time.

And she says after they let her go, the producers had a private investigator watching her.  (You can read her posts here.)

Warner Brothers issued a statement denying all of Ruby’s accusations, except for the fact that they fired her.  They admitted that part, and said it was based on, “multiple complaints about workplace behavior.”

Dougray Scott also denied what she said about him.