A Guy Was Pulled Over for Driving While Playing a Flute With Both Hands

We talk a lot about texting-and-driving.  But here’s something that doesn’t get as much press for some reason.  A guy near Toronto got pulled over on Wednesday for driving while playing a FLUTE with both hands.  (???)

He was sitting at a red light, playing along to a song on his iPod.  Then the light changed, and he continued to play as he started driving again.

Some cops happened to be out doing distracted driving enforcement and pulled him over.

They posted a photo of the flute, which was made of wood, not metal.  (Here’s the photo.  We’re not sure, but it appears to be a South American “quena” flute, which are played vertically, more like a recorder.)



They weren’t able to provide the name of the song he was playing along to.  But they gave him a ticket and told him not to flute-and-drive again.


(CTV News)