A Third of Us Have Ghosted Someone Before

If you’re no longer happy in a relationship, it’s healthy to talk it out, and sever ties if necessary.  But if that seems hard, you could just do what everyone else does, and ghost them.

In a new poll of more than 7,000 American adults, 17% admit to having ghosted someone they’ve dated.  19% admit to ghosting a friend.  And 10% have ghosted a family member.  57% claim they’ve never ghosted someone, and 8% don’t know if they have.

On the other side of things, 19% of people say they’ve been ghosted by someone they were dating, 25% have been ghosted by a friend, and 12% have been ghosted by a family member.  46% of people claim they’ve never been ghosted.

And not surprisingly, Millennials and Gen Z are far more likely to have ghosted someone, and BEEN ghosted, than people 55 and older.


(YouGov / YouGov)